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Advancing Synthetic Biology

AdvanceSyn Studio™ is an integrated platform that provides you with easy-to-use tools for the design, simulation and optimization of engineered biological systems. It is aimed to facilitate your synthetic biology activities from lab-scale to commercial production.

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Unique Features of AdvanceSyn Studio™

  • Sequences to Models

    Seamlessly convert between sequences and genetic circuit models to facilitate prediction of the behavior of your sequences.

  • Model Composer

    Library of parts and templates to draw circuit and pathway models as easy as on whiteboard.

  • Collaborative Environment

    Share your circuit and pathway designs with your colleagues and reuse each other's designs.

  • Circuit Optimization

    Tune and optimize your designs before synthesis and experimental validation.

About AdvanceSyn

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative and high-quality products and solutions for predictable biological engineering. We aim to set a new standard in biological engineering – where there is a shift towards the use of a more systematic, automated and predictive model-driven approach – reducing the resources required for downstream build and test phases, towards a more sustainable future.

The Team

  • POH Chueh Loo, BEng, PhD.

    Lead Founder, Engineer and Synthetic Biologist

  • Maurice LING, BSc, PhD.

    Founder, Bioinformatician

  • Louis ANG, BEng, MSc.

    Founder, IP Management & Business Development

  • TAY Puei Nam, BSc, PhD.

    Founder, Startup Generalist & Business Development

  • ZHANG Ran, BEng

    Software Engineer

  • Ada WANG Huijuan, BEng, PhD

    Computational Biologist

  • Richard Ian KITNEY, OBE, FREng, DSc (Eng), FCGI

    Scientific Advisor